Redefining style – the ABC’s of Villa Necchi Campiglio

Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milano (Ask about me - I'm the girl that tried to lock herself into the second floor bathroom!)

Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milano (They may vaguely remember me if you mention a girl with an orange bag that tried to lock herself into the upstairs bathroom with a Martini bottle.)

style |noun|fashionable elegance

A few good reasons to go to Villa Necchi Campiglio (near Porta Venezia): (a) you want to know how the other half lives, (b) you are the other half and miss the lavish lifestyle, (c) your girlfriend/parents are in town and you don’t want them to think you booze all day when they’re not around (which we know you do), (d) you love architecture, design, the 1950’s and period houses, (e) you love wearing vintage clothes and time traveling, (f) if Don Draper were an Italian industrialist, he would live here, (g) it looks like a Martini ad, it feels like a Martini ad, the black marble bathroom IS a Martini ad, (h) the guides are really nice and will tell you about a secret tunnel (if you ask in a hushed voice), (i) it’s totally “Upstairs Downstairs” Italian-style, (j) they let you peak in the closets, (k) they let you try on the vintage Chanel (I’m totally lying – they most certainly do not), (l) they have an entire closet with only HAT BOXES!!!, (m) royalty like totally stayed there – a lot, (n) it has a Dr. Seuss themed flowerbed, (o) you just bought a 1950’s one-piece that would accessorize the pool really well, (p) for a special price, you’ll offer to sunbathe by the pool and talk like Sophia Loren, (q) no green and yellow here, but lots of sage and ochre, (r) Portaluppi, Portaluppi, Portaluppi (really difficult to say quickly, and yet it’s the genius architect’s name), (s) the ladies of the house loved cats and supposedly had a tree cut down because the cat wouldn’t come down (which somehow doesn’t sound very nice for the cat – I like it!), (t) they have male models walking around doing fashion shoots (with a look saying “I’m not just stylishly leaning against these books, I’ve actually read them… their covers, I mean”), (u) the foyer looks like the inside of a liquor cabinet (when they were still called liquor cabinets), (v) the doors would inspire fabulous jewelry, the ceilings fabulous sock patterns, (w) there is a totally random star shaped window in a second floor corner of the building that looks into a bathroom and is totally out of context with the rest of the carefully designed building (yet the guide resolutely denies it has any symbolic or political meaning), (x) it has a Conservatory like in Clue (the board game) where Ms. Scarlet could kill Colonel Mustard with a dagger on the Portaluppi lapis lazuli table, (y) it is scientifically impossible to walk through the brass & glass opus of an entrance without flicking your hair back (even if you have none) – I dare you – try it and (z) MVB suggested it and she’s never steered you wrong before.

(This post is for my ever fashionable friend Melanie – the Miu Miu kitten says Meow Meow.)


One thought on “Redefining style – the ABC’s of Villa Necchi Campiglio

  1. AWESOME (this is a word you learn about 5 days after moving to the United States, and after 10 days you’ll never -EVER – forget to use it at least ONCE a day).
    I think the only reason you stopped this post is because you ran out of letters. Maybe you should try another post…with the Chinese characters 🙂 …

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